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Octopress and the Hard Way With OpenBSD

Octopress needs ruby-posix-spawn as dependency. This ruby-posix-spawn library aims to implement a subset of the Ruby 1.9 Process::spawn interface in a way that takes advantage of fast process spawning interfaces when available and provides sane fallbacks on systems that do not.

OpenBSD doesn’t support execvpe(3) and posix_spawn(3) and family before 2012-03-21 (snapshot@amd64 28-Mar-2012 22:21). 2012-03-08 I realized this situation and pushed it on tech@.

Frank Denis hacked a patch a while ago tech@. After some cleanups and tweaks it was commited. Many thanks to Ed Schouten, Frank Denis and matthew@.


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Maybe your first thought is “What the HELL, the blog hype is over, go home!”. And you are maybe right. We all know, there exist too many blogs about science, technology, hacking, security, UNIX, GNU/Linux and other cool stuff. so, why this blog?

Simple reason, I just want to write my thoughts, notes and self advices in English. Perhaps, I can improve my English skill.

It’s always good to hear from fellow geeks and other readers of my blog. So, feel free to comment any stuff and contact me via the general ways.

Now, enjoy it and have fun.